Ventilation, Steelwork & Plant Movement
for the Mechanical Services Industry


  • Client(s): MJL/MACE
  • Sector: Commercial
  • Duration: 10 months

British Museum

The British Museum was one of our most comprehensive projects to date in which we provided our full range of services including ductwork, steelwork, plant movement & crane lifts among other disciplines. In particular we prefabricated 4no steel flue bank mechanical risers and then installed ductwork directly to these flue banks (pictured). This was then transported in pieces to site, craned into final position and then installed in final location. The whole process from design to installation was carried out by B&R and we received much acclaim for our efforts on this project.

Flue Bank Risers
These were a major feature in this project and B&R were commissioned to design, fabricate and install these structures. A task in itself however the criteria was to have them prefabricated complete with all the mechanical services installed ready for use. They were required to be completely tested for air flow and acoustic breakout in which we worked closely with the architect, Arup, Mace & MJL to ensure that the concept required was adhered to with client satisfaction throughout the whole process.