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   B&R Installations have served the mechanical services industry since 1985 primarily as a ductwork contractor. In the last decade this has expanded to steel work & plant movement with a final evolution of all three elements into offering prefabrication solutions which can be designed, manufactured, moved and then finally installed by one contractor, offering seamless turnkey solutions to some of the most challenging projects in the UK. This has culminated in 2020 with B&R purchasing additional premises next to our current unit enabling the expansion of manufacturing capabilities by 200% specifically targeting a strategy which increases our prefabrication services to the industry.
With 35 years experience we fully understand what the industry needs now and moving forward. This experience allows us to have the perspective of both a manufacturer, and an installer, noticing design issues early on and mitigating these to ensure that not only does the module fulfil its capabilities from a mechanical standpoint, but it is also designed with the building in mind. They can therefore be installed safely and seamlessly by our trusted team with minimal site modifications and minimal interference with the built environment
and other trades.
Russell Mace - Managing Director

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