Ventilation, Steelwork & Plant Movement
for the Mechanical Services Industry

About Us

B&R Installations Ltd was established in 1985 solely as a ductwork installation contractor, however throughout the years our service offering has expanded to meet the ever changing needs of the London construction sector. In addition to completing ventilation packages many of our clients enlist our supplementary services including plant movement and mechanical steelwork to include either within our ventilation package or as a stand alone service.

The ability of B&R to be able to service multiple elements of a mechanical package not only provide cost saving to the client, but also increased efficiency and accountability throughout the installation period. For example many of our larger clients will now have an AHU delivered to our workshop, we will then deliver, unload, move and place it in is final position. We will then install the ductwork system off it and also design and manufacture access gantries and platforms for maintenance purposes. This process would traditionally involve as many as 4-5 different parties, all of whom would need to be managed by the mechanical subcontractor or Main contractor.

This multi-service approach has meant that the demand for B&R on sites across London has risen exponentially in the last few years and our forward order book, which extends into 2020 and beyond, is testament to our continued high standard of work.