Imperial College – White City Campus

Client(s):      MJL, ISG

Duration:      Jan 17 – Oct 17

This ongoing project is one of our biggest to date, and covers the full spectrum of our services. The project includes the supply and installation of all the large roof duct, the design, manufacture and installation of the chemical extract flues & mast and also all the movement and lifting activities on the project.

The extract duct flues constructed from PVC with additional GRP coating to protect from UV were installed offsite to B&R’s Galvanised steel flue mast frame. The mast was designed and fabricated within 2 months of order at our factory in Kent, at which point the 4 middle ducts were installed. The Flues were then transported to site in a podded formation and then lifted, under a B&R contract lift, by the 700T crane and installed. Once the 2 Flue banks were installed B&R commenced the installation of all the roof duct, both plastic and galvanised, back to the risers. The roof duct system is 80% above 2m x 2m so the logistical constraints of even getting ductwork into the plant room has been managed throughout.

The project has required high level of design input from B&R and due to the complexities of the project all parties have maintained a strong collaborative approach throughout.


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